Barcelona 27 Feb - 1 Mar 2017

2017 Agenda

Day One: The Future is Mobile

Mobile technology is evolving rapidly, leading to the emergence of new digital services and applications that are transforming the way people live, work, play and communicate. Mobile is an important driver of economic development and wealth creation, but what policies are needed to promote innovation, competition and security for consumers in the digital age?

Day Two: Policy and Regulation for the Digital Age

Day two will look at how policy and regulation can accelerate the digital economy. Today’s keynotes and panel sessions will examine new policy approaches that can support innovation to transform society and improve lives. The day will highlight the changing dynamics of the digital market and their impact on topics such as big data, privacy and sector competition.

Day Three: Accelerating Access to Mobile Enabled Services

Taking a deep dive into current and future industry projects, day three will examine how government and the mobile industry can work collaboratively to drive key enablers – such as access to financial services, digital identity, locally relevant content, digital literacy – to expand digital inclusion for all.